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LUM studio is a curated collection of pendant, floor, table, and wall lighting exemplifying 8 of the finest international lighting Fabricators and their many more Designers. Prandina, Foscarini, LucePlan, and Flos are Italian. Vibia and Marset are Spanish, and RBW and Resolute are small, US companies with a handle on quality and simplicity. Over time, I hope to bring other fine companies into the studio to celebrate their craft, quality, delightful detail, and thoughtful functionality.

Because architectural form thrives on the company of great lighting and furnishings, the curated collection is exhibited amongst some of the finest Modern furnishings available through Herman Miller, Knoll, Hay, Muuto, and Geiger.

who we are

LUM studio is a companion to CF design, a residential architectural firm in Duluth, Minnesota. Their built work derives from the complex shorelines and watersheds of the Lake Superior basin, the forests, sands, and rocky shields, dramatic palisades, and inland lakes of the northern region, where daylight is crisply defined and reflected from water to sky.

Staff photo for Lum Studio and CF Design


Architecture cannot fully breathe without light bestowing feel and form to surface and space. Texture, contour and shading can be rendered in light. Path and distance can be narrated through changes in light, just as light can provide focus and direction.This is part of the spectacle of living in and about built work. Light; natural, and created.

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Lum studio is pleased to review your existing construction documents, to offer lighting selections including and beyond the curated collection. Lum studio is available to consult with your architect or designer regarding lighting or curated furnishings and LUM is available for hourly in-home or in-office consultation, all by appointment.

Lum Studio is open daily 8-5 M-TH and by appointment on Saturday for your casual visit. Stop in. Bring a book. We have plenty of light and places to sit.

310 East Superior Street, Suite 125
Duluth, Minnesota 55802


Monday – Thursday • 8am to 5pm

Saturday by appointment

310 East Superior Street, Suite 125
Duluth, Minnesota 55802